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Yank Tech is a wireless charging startup
located in New Lab, an incubator
space for creating emerging technologies.

Our Mission

Wireless charging today is hindered by several limitations: high heat while in use, cross coupling, and a necessity for proper alignment. Surpassing these limitations, we strive to revolutionize charging technology by providing true wireless power solutions across multiple industry verticals.

Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Company Advisors


Justin Bergner

Justin Bergner is an Industrials Analyst and Portfolio Manager at GAMCO Investors, an equity investment manager with over $30 billion in AUM. Justin boasts a decade of experience analyzing industrial companies. He received his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Guy Poreh

Guy Poreh is a media and marketing specialist with over two decades of industry experience. Guy serves as an advisor for several early stage startups, dedicated to help tech startups succeed with effective marketing strategies.

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Lance A. Scott

Lance A. Scott is the Founder & CEO of Alliance Technologies, an accelerator of mid-market international advanced manufacturing companies. With an expertise in manufacturing technology, Lance is as an active investor and advisor to various early-stage advanced technology companies.

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