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Engineering Manager

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Full Time

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About the Role

Job Duties

Lead a team of antenna, software, electrical, and mechanical engineers collaborating cross-functionally to implement a wireless power solution for customer developments.

Lead new company developments and advise on Gantt charts for project development alongside the CEO.

Develop, review, and improve engineering test plans and quality control systems with all relevant project team members.

Review and implement all verification procedures to effectively meet safety, regulatory, and production requirements for each development.

Oversee project logistics and component sourcing to timely meet deliverables.

Mentor senior engineering team members to further improve technical expertise and communication.

Develop circuit designs for new DC-DC converters, amplifier configurations, and receiver AC-DC converters based on application specific project requirements.

Mentor and delegate responsibilities to junior engineers in circuit design, circuit testing, PCB design, antenna design, and data analysis.

Communicate reports on project status, project improvements, and technical recommendations.

Telecommuting permitted one day per week.

Requires domestic travel to unanticipated locations up to 25%.

Job Requirements

 Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering or a closely related field. Five years of experience as an Electrical Engineer or a related occupation, including:

  • Five years of experience designing printed circuit boards (PCB) and designing and debugging radio frequency circuits and analog circuits using advanced modeling tools (such as LTSpice), PCB design tools (such as Eagle, Altium, or ADS), and radio frequency (RF) equipment (such as Vector Network Analyzers and Spectrum Analyzer).

  • Five years of experience designing, prototyping, analyzing, and debugging power electronics systems with operational frequencies above 100kHz using advanced modeling tools (such as LTSpice), PCB design tools (such as Eagle, Altium, or ADS), and radio frequency (RF) equipment (such as Vector Network Analyzers and Spectrum Analyzer).

  • Five years of experience collaborating with antenna, software, electrical, and mechanical engineers to solve technical and engineering problems.

  • Five years of experience performing impedance matching using vector network analyzers.

  • Five years of experience using project management tools such as smartsheets and asana.

  • One year of experience utilizing antenna, mechanical, thermal, and software design tools such as HFSS, CST, and Solidworks to communicate with team members.


Experience may be gained concurrently. Foreign equivalent degrees are acceptable.

About the Company

Yank Technologies, Inc. is a wireless charging startup in Brooklyn, New York. We develop long-range, high power wireless charging technology. Safe. Simple. No contact required. With patented antenna and amplifier developments in resonant inductive technology, we provide a scalable solution for variable ranges of power and distances.

Our product, the MotherBox, is the first wireless charger that can wirelessly charge your device with no contact required. You can charge your iOS or Android devices simultaneously and never worry about your charging cables again. By demoing early units of the MotherBox, we have secured industrial contracts, especially in the automotive sector.

We have several automotive customers for wirelessly charging passenger devices and for wirelessly charging vehicles electronics, such as LEDs and actuators. We have significant early traction in the Automotive industry and are currently developing pilots for upcoming production vehicles.

Wage Range: $180,731 to $200,000 per year.

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