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Electrical Engineer

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Job Type

About the Role

The Electrical Engineer will design, test, analyze, and improve our wireless charging amplifier, DC-DC converter, and AC-DC converter systems. This role is hands-on and will involve power electronics and resonant circuit design, and a lot of cross-discipline and cross-functional working with other team members. Reporting to the Senior Electrical Engineer and Senior Power Electronics Engineer, this team member will have a very early hands-on experience to lead the growth of a startup in the wireless charging ecosystem across a wide range of future products that greatly impact people’s lives.

Competitive compensation includes a base salary, healthcare benefits, and stock options in the company.

The primary responsibilities of the Electrical Engineer are as follows:

–Develop new circuit designs for new DC-DC converters, amplifier configurations, and AC-DC converters under the guidance of the the Senior Electrical Engineer and Power Electronics Engineer based on application specific project requirements
–Research, fabricate, test, analyze, and implement new amplifiers, converters, and complete wireless power systems for various operational environments
–Collaborate with other engineering team members on thermal, manufacturing, and mechanical developments that improve full-system reliability, increase performance, and reduce cost
Routinely update the Senior Electrical Engineer & Senior Power Electronics Engineer on project status, project improvements, and other recommendations


Qualifications Required

  • Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering

  • 2+ years of full-time experience in power electronics design

  • Hands-on experience designing, prototyping, analyzing, and debugging power electronics systems with operational frequencies above 100kHz

  • Excellent in PCB design and thermal analysis for high power electronic systems

  • Excellent oral and written communication

  • Ability to operate in a fast-paced environment, make effective and timely decisions, solve problems, and facilitate organizational and procedural changes

  • Passion for creating a wireless world where the state of your battery is not a concern but a mere afterthought

Qualifications Preferred

  • PhD in Electrical Engineering

  • Prior experience in automotive power electronics

  • Prior experience designing high frequency switching amplifier design topologies, such as Class D and Class E amplifier designs

  • Prior experience leading other engineering team members

  • Prior experience at a startup

About the Company

Yank Technologies, Inc. is a wireless charging startup in Brooklyn, New York. We develop long-range, high power wireless charging technology. Safe. Simple. No contact required. With patented antenna and amplifier developments in resonant inductive technology, we provide a scalable solution for variable ranges of power and distances.

Our product, the MotherBox, is the first wireless charger that can wirelessly charge your device with no contact required. You can charge your iOS or Android devices simultaneously and never worry about your charging cables again. By demonstrating early units of the MotherBox, we have secured industrial contracts, especially in the automotive sector.

We have several automotive customers for wirelessly charging passenger devices and for wirelessly charging vehicles electronics, such as LEDs and actuators. We have significant early traction in the Automotive industry and are currently developing pilots for upcoming production vehicles. We are looking for an experienced Power Electronics Engineer to join our team and be able to lead new projects to capitalize on the significant opportunity we have to scale the company.

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