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Who are we?

Who are we?

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Yank Technologies

19 Morris Avenue, 

Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 128

Brooklyn, NY 11205


VP of Business Development

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Yank Technologies, Inc. is a wireless power startup in Brooklyn, New York. We develop long-range, high power wireless charging technology. Safe. Simple. No contact required. With patented antenna and amplifier developments in resonant inductive technology, we provide a scalable solution for variable ranges of power and distances.


We have several automotive customers for wirelessly charging passenger devices and for wirelessly powering vehicles electronics, such as LEDs and actuators. We have significant early traction in the Automotive industry and are currently building additional traction in the industrial sector. At the moment, developing pilots for upcoming industrial applications.

Meet Our Team
Our Team

Josh Yank


Raul png image 2.png

Raul Alarado

Senior Power Electroncis Engineer


Ben Terebelo

Mechanical Engineer


A. Edward Saenz de Viteri

VP of Business Development


Milad Mirzaee

Antenna Engineer


Isha Berde

Business Development Analyst


Monica Chaudhari

Senior Electrical Engineer


Reza Khalaj Amineh

Principal Scientist


Jostin Almonte

Staff Electrical Technician

3 Pillars of Yank Tech
Pillars of YankTech
Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 4.51.05 PM.png

FCC certified for high power

Customizable turnkey solution provider for industrial layouts

Increasing efficiency, resulting in reduced of operating costs, and increased uptime

Safe for Humans, Pets and Plants


Scalable and functionally expandable to all areas of the vehicle

Capable of charging devices of different power requirements from smartphones, tablets, to computers

Can eliminate complex wire harnesses and mechanical interfaces.

Capable of providing both power and signal at a distance

Safe for Humans, Pets & Plants


Can provide power over distance

Power multiple devices simultaneously

Power while in use

Safe for Humans, Pets & Plants

Our Technology
Our Technology

Resonant inductive charging is a form of wireless power transfer that maintains high system efficiency across mid-range distances due to the 'Q', or quality, of the antennas. The transmitter (Tx) or wireless charging product generates a safe electromagnetic field that is captured by a receiver (Rx). The antenna quality is the barometer for the antenna's intrinsic efficiency or its inductive reactance divided by its resistance. The higher the intrinsic 'Q', the more potential coupling between the Tx and Rx, which in turn leads to more power being delivered to the receiver at a further distance.

Wireless Charging FAQ

How does our technology differ from other wireless chargers in the market? 

While there are many wireless charging solutions in the market today, they make "wireless charging" sound like an oxymoron since they must be physically tethered to your device to use. Our technology can charge devices while in use and be implemented for various applications and power requirements.

Is the technology safe?

Yes! We have received FCC certification for our contactless wireless technology for the MotherBox and have strong domain expertise in developing safe, regulatory compliant wireless power systems. We leverage magnetic resonance, like some charging pads in the marketplace, but developed technology which improves certain aspects of these systems in order to charge devices further with greater angular flexibility.

How much power can be provided and at what distances?

Our solutions are scalable and functionally expandable. We can provide power from milliwatts to kilowatts, depending on the requested application.

Can the technology provide both power and signal?

Yes! Our technology is capable of providing both power and signal. We collaborate with our customers to implement not only the wireless power system, but also new wireless communication protocols to develop the best customer experience.

Are we seeking partnerships?

Yes! Yank Tech is currently seeking both automotive and industrial partners. If you are interested in understanding more about how we can tailor our technology to your needs, click here!

Where is Yank Technologies located?

Yank Technologies is currently located in Brooklyn, New York.  At the moment, we are housed in New Lab, a technology incubator hub for hardware start-ups, and are opening a satellite office in Michigan.

Company Advisors

Justin Bergner

Guy Png.png

Guy Poreh

The other guy png_edited.png

Lance A. Scott

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