The Phone Battery - Can We Save It?

Nope, but there are several ways to make it last longer...


Our phone batteries are smart today in the sense that they won’t be ‘overcharged’ if you leave them plugged into an outlet overnight. However, they do have a major Achilles Heel that isn’t talked about very often. They are super sensitive to temperature. If you feel your phone getting really hot to touch, DO NOT charge it! That 100% you go up to won’t be the same 100% it used to be!

Parallax Effect

Many phones today have a parallax effect in the background. The parallax effect is the cool feature that makes your apps look 3D when you move your phone. While it can be pretty cool to have, it’s also a silent killer of your battery.

Location Services

Location services and GPS can quickly suck the life out of your phone. We often enable location services on mobile apps that don’t really need it. It makes sense to use location services when using Google Maps, but is it as necessary for social media apps like Twitter or Snapchat?


Turning on your phone’s screen is one of the biggest uses of its battery. If you turn off Auto-Brightness, you can save a ton of battery by dimming it at times you don’t need your phone as bright.

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