Who Will Win - Samsung, Apple, or Google?!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus. The Google Pixel XL. The batteries of these phones were compared keeping the conditions the same. Let the BATTLE BEGIN . . .

Testing Conditions:

All three phones were kept at 1% battery in offline mode to not affect results by wi-fi or bluetooth according to SuperSaf TV. Also, they all used the original chargers that ship with the phone and not any other chargers, to play fair.

The Battlefield:

Results were monitored every half hour. In the beginning, the Galaxy S7 Edge was taking the lead at 46%, followed by the Pixel XL at 24%, and the iPhone 7 Plus being furthest behind with 18%. After another half hour, the trends continued with the Galaxy S7 Edge at 54%, and the Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus lagging behind.


The Galaxy S7 Edge took almost one and half hours of charging followed by the Pixel XL that took about two hours, and lastly, the iPhone 7 Plus took about three and a half hours.

The iPhone 7 Plus was lagging surprisingly behind, given that it had the smallest battery out of the three. The iPhone 7 Plus has a 2900mAh battery in comparison to the Pixel XL that has 3450mAh battery and the Galaxy S7 Edge with a 3600mAh battery. Apple should look into their chargers and increase the amount of power it provides to their phones. If the iPhone 7 Plus has the smallest battery out of the three, then it should at least have a greater charging speed.


The verdict is the - Galaxy S7 Edge is the winner among all in charging speed!

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