Apple’s New Battery Replacement Plan

The Issue:

Apple recently discovered that some iPhone 6's are facing unexpected shutdown even though half of the phone’s battery life still remains. After a complaint filled by a Chinese consumer-protection group on November 20th, Apple is now providing a world-wide free battery replacement for the iPhone 6. This is now the second battery replacement announcement by Apple in the last three years!

The Problem:

Unlike Samsung, Apple claimed that this isn’t a safety issue, and that it only affects some devices that were manufactured in September and October 2015. How does Apple know the issue is for devices manufactured during that two month time period? Does it mean that Apple used different batteries or suppliers during that time? Did Apple already know about the issue?


After Samsung's Note7 debacle, this is the second time this year that captains of the smartphone industry are struggling with their batteries. Considering how important the Chinese market is to the company, Apple's reaction may be more to appease Chinese consumers in order to effectively compete with local rivals. After the fiscal year ended in September, revenues fell by about 17% in Greater China after gaining a momentum the year before by growing 84%. Will sales of Apple's new flagship phone be affected in China by its recent issues with its batteries?

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