To Update or Not to Update iOS 10.1.1 - That is the Question!

Another big-blow to Apple, after the release of the software update - 10.1.1. In Nov 2016, Apple had replacement plans and this time again pertaining to its battery. The new update offered stability improvement and bug fixes for the previous update, but seems like battery bugs were uninvited guests.

Issue -

Apple’s new software update 10.1.1 is causing many phones to conk out of battery at 30 percent. Apple users have also reported that the update has caused the phone to heat up, further accelerating battery drain issues. Furthermore, it is suffering from the issue of battery percentage readout not being accurate.

Problem -

The problem persists with the new update of software. Though Apple has not yet revealed the cause of the problem, through their forums, it appears that they are working on a new version of the upgrade. According to PCMag, there is a chance that this issue may have been related to the battery replacement plan for the iPhone 6s, even though that program was for a minority batch of iPhones.

Conclusion -

This is not the first time Apple is suffering from software update issues. The preceding update 10.1 had an issue with health data being lost. Earlier than that, they had issues with the software update of 9, but none has yet been associated with the battery. This is a huge impediment with the new iPhones rolling out in the market. Also, this is the second time Apple has surfaced in bad light due to battery issues this year. The company needs to get hold of battery related bugs as scrutiny over battery issues have been increasing with the Samsung Note7 debacle.

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