The iOS 10.2 Update - The Battery Bug

After almost seven beta tests, Apple finally released the iOS 10.2 software update on December 12th. The update includes cool new emoji additions along with a new TV App, but the biggest issue still persists since the release of the iOS 10.1.1 update: major battery bugs.

The Problem

With the release of iOS 10.1.1, the battery percentage on iPhones immensely struggled with accuracy. As soon as an iPhone reached 30%, many users witnessed their batteries immediately drop to 0%. Then came what was supposed to be the savior: iOS 10.2...and yet it has made the battery problem get even worse.

Now, many users are experiencing immediate drops to 0% at not just 30%, but throughout a wide range of random battery levels. Apple continues to deny any other model other than the iPhone 6s will potentially experience issues, but at the same time, Apple has been expanding the range of affected iPhone 6s model numbers entitled for free battery replacements.

What Now?

Apple has recently been experiencing a lot of battery issues, troubling many of its flagship products from the iPhone to the Macbook Pro. Apple has included an unmentioned battery diagnostic tool for iOS 10.2. Perhaps...this will be hero we've been waiting for...

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