Does Faraday's Future Seem Hazy?

Faraday Future, a company laser focused on the development of electric vehicles, showcased its first production car the FF 91 at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017. With features like better performance in terms of speed, self-driving, and valet mode, the FF 91 seems to have taken everyone by the storm. Despite enthralling the audience at CES, several moments now make us doubt the future of Faraday Future.


CES has been a place to reveal unbelievable moments, and sometimes unthinkable ones. Faraday Future's FF 91 managed to excite the crowd at CES, but when the demo videos went viral, they revealed some irregularities to say the least...

When valet mode wasn't working for their flagship product, Senior Vice President Nick Sampson asked to dim the stage lights because the FF 91 was being a "little bashful." A technician then snuck into the car and drove the car a smooth ~20 feet before stopping, deceiving the audience that the FF 91 was in valet mode.

When asked to justify the deception, Sampson said that valet mode did work well outside, but the steel rooftop of the demo area made the signals too weak. Faraday Future has since removed the demo video from their website, but it was too late. The video already went viral.

Future in Doubt?

Faraday Future's not so super super car not only publicly failed, but the company tried to deceive everyone into believing it had features it couldn't demonstrate. The FF 91 or "Tesla Killer" may have killed their own buzz following this incident.

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