Google Duo vs Skype vs Viber - Who Wins?

Google rolled out its video calling service called Google Duo last August. It allows video calling much like Skype and Viber, but how does it really compare to the major current players in the space?


Though Google Duo can be used across different platforms, it can only be enabled and supported with upgraded versions of Android and iOS. Meanwhile, Skype and Viber also allow cross-platform video calling for compatibility with all phones.


Google Duo has a feature called “limit mobile data usage,” which helps regulate how your data is being used. This feature allows consumers to use Duo without completely draining their data. Meanwhile, Skype has a group call feature, and Viber was the first mover in audio calling.

Battery Life

In a performance report by AppQuest, it stated that though Google Duo has a limit mobile data usage feature, it has a proclivity to drain battery faster than of the other video calling applications. It uses 268.11mW battery which is more than 99% of all other mobile applications which include facebook, Pokemon Go, etc. On the flip side, Skype uses 133.17mW battery while Viber uses 112.35 mW.


Google Duo has similar device compatibility to Skype and Viber with the biggest differentiation being its "limit mobile data usage" feature. Even though the Google Duo's new feature limits mobile data usage, one of the biggest potential benefits of this would seem to be having longer battery life. Unfortunately, this is not the case because Google Duo itself consumes almost as much power as Skype and Viber combined! If you're looking to save your battery, Skype and Viber would be better alternatives.

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