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Experience True Wireless Power

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The first long-range, high power wireless charging ecosystem. Safe. Simple. No contact required. With proprietary antenna and amplifier developments in magnetic resonance, we are able to provide a scalable solution for variable ranges of power and far distances.

Free Movement

No point-to-point contact required; it's truly wireless.


Barrier Free

Functions without any hindrance and obstruction.



First to pass FCC radiation exams for high power. 1/100 the radiation of your mobile devices!

Power On Demand



Versatile technology for automotive, mobile devices, and more!


Stay powered at the moments and places you need to be charged most.

True wireless
power has arrived.


National Science Foundation

Grant Recipient

Yank Technologies has been awarded a grant to develop new wireless charging systems for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and similar robotic systems to further increase their uptime, improve productivity, and reduce overhead costs at factories and fulfillment centers.

"The MotherBox could be the first step toward a truly wireless charging future."

"The MotherBox will free us from our thin chains and deliver a truly wireless charging experience."

"Charge your phone wirelessly from anywhere with this handy gadget!"

"The MotherBox allows you to rid yourself of charging your phone from an outlet."

"This is probably the most convenient charging solution currently available."

"The MotherBox could provide the first true wireless charging experience."

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