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About Us

We develop long-range, high power wireless charging technology. Safe. Simple. No contact required.

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Our Mission

"Wireless Power" today is primarily restrained by charging distance and power transfer limitations, precise alignment, and high heat while in use. Yank Technologies is implementing the next generation of wireless power for products across multiple industry verticals.

Meet Our Team

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Josh Yank

  • CEO
  • MBA, Binghamton University
  • Experienced in Electrical and Software Engineering
A. Edward Saenz de Viteri's image

A. Edward Saenz de Viteri

  • VP of Business Development
  • BS/BA, Eastern Michigan University
  • 25+ years experience with Automotive OEM and Tier 1 Sales
Raul Alvarado's image

Raul Alvarado

  • Engineering Manager & Lead Power Electronics Engineer
  • PhD, University of Florida
  • 10+ Years of Power Electronics Engineering
Monika Chaudhari's image

Monika Chaudhari

  • Senior Electrical Engineer
  • MSEE, New York University
  • Specialized in RF Design and Signal Processing
Jia Zhuang's image

Jia Zhuang

  • Senior Power Electronics Engineer
  • PhD, Stanford University
  • Focus in wireless power and wide bandgab semiconductors
Ben Terebelo's image

Ben Terebelo

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • BSME, New York University
  • Experienced in Advanced Modeling and Volunteer Firefighter
Nate Hoaglund's image

Nate Hoaglund

  • Embedded Engineer
  • Experienced in Backend Software Development
Isha Berde's image

Isha Berde

  • Business Development Analyst
  • BA, New York University
  • Experienced in Business Analytics
Jostin Almonte's image

Jostin Almonte

  • Staff Electrical Technician
  • 4+ Years of technician experience

Company Advisors

Justin Bergner's image

Justin Bergner

Justin Bergner is an Industrials Analyst and Portfolio Manager at GAMCO Investors, an equity investment manager with over $30 billion in AUM. Justin boasts a decade of experience analyzing industrial companies. He received his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Todd Graber's image

Todd Graber

Todd Graber is an operating CFO with 25+ years of experience working with VC and PE-backed technology companies covering multiple verticals. As CFO, Todd has raised hundreds of millions of dollars of equity and debt through IPO, private placements, private equity and venture capital. 

Guy Poreh's image

Guy Poreh

Guy Poreh is a media and marketing specialist with over two decades of industry experience. Guy serves as an advisor for several early stage startups, dedicated to help tech startups succeed with effective marketing strategies.

Lance A. Scott's image

Lance A. Scott

Lance A. Scott is the Founder & CEO of Alliance Technologies, an accelerator of mid-market international advanced manufacturing companies. Lance is an expert in manufacturing technology and active early-stage investor.

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Experience True Wireless Power

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