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The First Long Range, High Powered Wireless Power System
FCC Approved Technology

Yank Tech develops customizable turn-key wireless power solutions to enhance productivity. 

Side Mounted Charging

Integrate transmitters to power AMRs, forklifts, and other automated industrial equipment while in motion. 

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Top Mounted Charging

Power robotic vehicles from various mounting locations to improve uptime. 

We can integrate transmitters into existing layouts to minimize installation and maintenance costs.

Floor Mounted Charging

Our transmitters can be installed in all areas of the factory to charge AMRs, forklifts, and other vehicles.

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Our technology can can operate in extreme environments from farms on Earth to lunar missions.

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General Industrial

FCC Compliant
Continuous Power Capability
100Ws to 4.5kWs
Charging Voltage (Receiver) Capability
12Vs to 60Vs
Charging Current (Receiver) Capability
Up to 150As
Antenna Packaging Dimensions
Customized for your vehicle
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High Power

We can safely adjust our power amplifiers from Watts to kiloWatts with SARs lower than 1.6 W/kg.

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We can tailor our solutions to your factory and fulfillment center needs.

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Functionally Expandable

We can reshape and redesign our antennas for the contours of various robotic vehicles.

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Experience True Wireless Power

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