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Resonant inductive wireless power transfer maintains high system efficiency across mid-range distances due to the 'Q', or intrinsic quality or efficency, of the antennas. The higher the Q value, the more power can be delivered to the device(s) at a further distance.

The transmitter (Tx) generates a safe electromagnetic field which is captured by one or many receiver (Rx) devices for the load(s) of the product(s). There can be multiple receivers in a single system, multiple loads for a single receiver, and unpredictable motion between the transmitter and receiver devices.

We have developed the highest 'Q' antennas in the industry, having measured values above 1000.

We can readily adjust the shapes and sizes of our antennas for various products to meet different packaging requirements.

Our amplifiers can adjust in real-time to both the movement of devices and to the introduction of new devices into the charging field.

Charging Like Never Before

Today,​ resonant inductive wireless power is mainly limited to charging pads. Since these antennas often have low 'Q', typically between 50 and 100, these pads require nearly direct contact.

Furthermore, amplifiers today often struggle to charge devices for variable movement because they are designed for a specific reflected impedance or physical positioning.

​Our antenna and amplifier developments give us the ability to power devices at significantly further distances and more dynamically than ever before.

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Experience True Wireless Power

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