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Experience True Wireless Power

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Experience True Wireless Power

The First Long Range, High Powered Wireless Power System
FCC Approved Technology

We developed the first wireless charging system that can truly power consumer devices without contact.

table top charging  's image

table top charging

Complete spatial freedom for multiple devices at the same time. 

charge devices while in use's image

charge devices while in use

Power devices over the air so you can stay charged while you use them. 

Power Tool Charging's image

Power Tool Charging

Charge chordless power tools

Use the MotherBox at home or at work to charge multiple devices at the same time.

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Different Power Requirements

Powering all kinds of devices from phones to earbuds to game controllers.

Receiver Case's image

Receiver Case

Featuring a pass-through connector, enabling wired and wireless charging.

's image

Seamlessly charge tools in any position or orientation to create the ultimate workbench.

Volumetric Charging's image

Volumetric Charging

Powering multiple devices within drawers of tool chests and toolboxes

Surface Charging's image

Surface Charging

Charging devices in any position

Power Tools

Approximately 6" x 6" (152.4mm x 152.4mm
≈ 2-3 lbs (0.9-1.3 kgs)
Simultaneous Charging
1-3 smartphone/tablet
Compatible Devices
iOS and Android Devices
Included with Purchase
The MotherBox, Receiver Case
Charging range
up to 12 inches
FCC Complaint
Continuous Power Capability
5Ws to 250Ws
Charging Voltage (Receiver) Capability
5Vs to 24Vs
Charging Current (Receiver) Capability
Up to 15As
Antenna Packaging Dimensions
Customized to your needs

Discover unlimited opportunities of Wireless Power

We are happy to show all the possibilities that we can offer for your business. Need a quick response? Edward is ready to help.

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Experience True Wireless Power

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